Look at the Big Picture

Maintaining a sense of self-control in life has a lot to do with taking a step back and considering what will make you feel better in the long-run, instead of in the next five minutes. In a financial sense, giving yourself that critical space between stimulus and response has been dubbed “the 72-hour rule,” which simply means waiting a full three days before deciding to purchase something. But according to Roy F. Baumeister, author of Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength, the same rules apply to daily life. “People who tell themselves, ‘not now, but later,’ are generally less tormented by the temptation of something they are trying to avoid,” writes Baumeister.3 Keep this in mind when enjoying your weekend downtime — while we’re all about relaxing and living in the moment, you’ll thank yourself for thinking long-term come Monday morning.

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Olaoluwa Ajibade

Olaoluwa Ajibade


Daily Stoic is a community built around the teachings of Stoicism. If you're wondering "What does Stoicism mean?", "Who was Marcus Aurelius?" We answer all that