My Plan B

Olaoluwa Ajibade
2 min readJul 9, 2024


Some of us don’t even have a plan B. So forgive us for working too hard, not always being available when you need us, not smiling as much, and not socializing or loving like regular people do because we mostly don’t know how to.

We’re bluntly living in survival mode, learning everything brick by brick, book by book, mistake by mistake, one trial after another. We rely solely on grit, self-motivation, and YouTube videos.

Some of us aren’t even sure if we’ll make it, but we’ve come to accept that. On God, we won’t go down without a fight, without being marred by blood and sand. Cause if we don’t make it, oh boy, we’re in for a whole new level of hurt because, this time, we knew better than our folks. Hence, we are ready to die trying.

Lately, I have seen some kinds of riches, and the first question that pops into my head is: can I ever own one of these? Like, if I gave it my all, could I?

We will never know, but I’ll still give it my all either way. Here’s to a new age/year, embracing the journey. I’m writing this to take a mental snapshot of where we are today and to visualize where we’ll be tomorrow.

Still new to this visualization thing, but trust me when I say all I see is a Tesla, snow, and a big Buddha. Yeah, of course, there will be snow.

We go harder, with more audacity this time. And we will find every means to serve others. We all need each other (life hack).

Here’s 🥂🥂 to our journey and the relentless pursuit of our dreams. Keep pushing forward, learning, and growing with grit and perseverance. Forward Always.

Life is good. I am asking 🤧.



Olaoluwa Ajibade

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