Compelling Copywriting 2021:how to (really) persuade your potential clients

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Copywriting this is one of the expertise best valued by companies today, since texts are a key communication format to be able to convey your messages well to your potential clients .

Unfortunately, there are still businesses that still do not know the benefits of having a copywriter within their company.

And then they are surprised because they cannot capture the leads or generate the sales that they had set as a goal….

The reality is that no matter how much you have a good product or service, if you don’t know how to transmit it persuasively …

No one is going to buy it from you!

But don’t worry, for that we have created the DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO COPYWRITING 2020 .

In this guide you will find what copywriting is and how significant it is for any business, just as probably the best methodologies that you should begin applying NOW.

Continue to peruse because… THIS INTERESTS YOU!

What is a copywriter and what is their job?

The profile of the copywriter is increasingly in demand, and it is that today many companies are realizing the potential that their services have for their business.

What better than a professional dedicated 100% to it, right?

We are going to explain a little more in detail what a copywriter really does …

The functions of a copywriter

The main tasks that a copywriter performs are:

  • Write texts for the web: home, landing pages, product page …
  • Write ads for social networks (Facebook, Instagram …)
  • Write blog posts with an SEO approach.
  • Write emails: newsletters, offers, promotions …
  • Create the content plan.
  • Define the communication strategy, tone and style of the brand.

These tasks are often confused with those of a copywriter or content creator. The reality is that anyone who is dedicated to writing texts for a company would have to have certain notions of copywriting.

The main skills of a copywriter

Some of the skills that every copywriter must have are:

  • Writing, writing, language and spelling.
  • Storytelling
  • Advertising writing.
  • Persuasive writing.
  • Commercial texts.
  • Headline writing.
  • SEO copywriting.
  • Creativity and strategy.

As you will see, a copywriter not only has to master the writing, but also must have notions of advertising, communication and sales , in order to perform their work in the best possible way.

Famous copywriters

We leave you a list of some of the most famous copywriters :

International Copywriters :

  • Eugene schwartz
  • Joe sugarman
  • John caples
  • Victor O. Schwab
  • David ogilvy

Spanish copywriters

  • Maïder Tomasena
  • Javi pastor
  • Rosa Morel
  • Ivo Fiz
  • Roger garcia

Types of copywriting

There are different types of copywriting that should be differentiated so that you get an idea of ​​the many areas that this discipline can cover. The 5 most important are:

Direct response copywriting

This type of copywriting is the one that includes the classic techniques of persuasive writing, since they are the ones used by the first advertisers and that is why it works both in the online and offline world.

What you are looking for is an immediate response from the client, that is, to take the action we want at the moment. For example, that you click on a button, that you subscribe to the newsletter, that you share the content, etc.

They are clear and direct texts with a single objective.

Marketing copywriting

This copywriting technique is based on persuasive writing that is especially focused on the client’s needs, problems, or pain points.

They are those types of texts that play with the needs of the consumer and their desires to make them feel identified with what they are reading. Companies that use this type of copy present their brand as the solution to their potential customers’ problems.

It is the type of copy directed especially for sale, and you can find it especially in formats such as email or landing pages.

Brand copywriting

It is based on using persuasive writing to convey the image and identity of your brand thanks to techniques such as storytelling , which seek to connect emotionally with your potential customers.

This allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors, in addition to positioning yourself as a unique brand in the minds of consumers.

SEO copywriting

This type of copywriting is the one that is dedicated to positioning the texts you write in different Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

It is typical of the online world, and is based on writing content that follows certain guidelines (in terms of including certain keywords or structuring it in a certain way) in order to appear first in search results.

You can learn more about SEO in this post .

Technical copywriting

It is the copywriting specialized in a certain sector in which the copywriters have a wide knowledge of the subject on which they are writing, and they are directed to a very specific audience.

They are able to connect very well with their target, as they use very specific vocabulary and semantics for this type of person.

Some examples can be texts written for sectors such as technology, hospitality, logistics or health.

Copywriting strategies according to format

As we have seen, copywriting is a discipline that covers different areas of a business, and in the digital world it is used on different platforms.

Depending on the format, the way of writing the texts varies and the copywriting techniques used change.

We are going to analyze the main online formats and we are going to leave you some tricks so that you can start using them in your digital strategy.

But first of all, there are certain common aspects that you always have to keep in mind before writing on any of the platforms:

  • Determine the objective of your text: the first thing you have to be clear about is what you want to achieve with your publication. You may want to generate interaction (likes, comments, RTs …) traffic (to your website, to your blog) or sales (to a conversion landing), etc.
  • Identify your audience: the second step, as we have seen previously, is to define who you are addressing and identify their needs, interests, concerns, etc.
  • Value your brand: in each text you publish, try to highlight the benefits of your brand and try to make it clear how your business is capable of solving the problems and needs of your potential customers.
  • Generate curiosity: try to generate intrigue with your publications to hook readers. You can use the stories or ask a question to get your audience hooked.
  • Arouse emotions: get your readers to connect with their emotions by making them identify with what you write.
  • Share interesting content: try to share valuable content that is related to your business and that is really of interest to your audience.
  • Be brief and to the point: your posts should be easy to read and don’t ramble when writing. Always keep in mind the objective of the text and try to write it in the most concise way.

In addition, we want to recommend two formulas that will also help you a lot when writing texts and that you can use in the different formats:

AIDA formula

  1. Attention: Try to capture the attention of your reader with a striking headline that generates curiosity.
  2. Interest: get his interest aroused through empathy, putting yourself in his place and showing him that you understand his problem.
  3. Wish: highlight the benefits of your product and show yourself as the solution to your customer’s problem.
  4. Action: Get readers to take action with an engaging CTA (call to action).

PAS formula

  1. Problem: determine what your client’s problem is, what need they have to solve and highlight it first.
  2. Agitation: then remind him and try to investigate this problem so that he feels 100% identified. Create agitation and urgency in the reader to solve it.
  3. Solution: Finally, present the solution to the problem with your product or service.

Taking into account the aspects that we have seen before and using the two formulas that we have shown you, we are going to see how to use copywriting in the different digital platforms of your business.

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